• Trainer to many college & high school athletes
  • Former standout athlete & background in competition in 5 sports
  • 8 years experience in the field
  • Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science
  • Nutritional Background


Personal Trainer

I have been working as a personal trainer for four years and have trained small to large groups of soldiers in the Army for over 10 years. My philosophy on personal training is focused on two things; the uniqueness of each individual and the positive health and fitness improvement of the individual's total life style. Every person is diverse. That is a very important factor in a personal trainer's ability in getting the client to accomplish their optimal levels of success. What works for one individuals doesn't mean it will work well for another. I'm very diverse in my training I use anything from the kettle bells, to the battling ropes. I like to keep the body guessing and keep the workouts interesting. I will find out what works best for you!

  • Personal Training Certified from Heritage College
  • Experience in Competition Power Lifting
  • Boot Camp Instructor
  • Degree in Sports Management

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  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Yoga/Pilates Instructor
  • Degree in Physical Education and Health
  • ACE Certified


Personal Trainer


Yoga/Pilates Instructor and Cardio/Conditioning Instructor